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McCumber Daniels Attorneys Present a Mock Trial to Attendees of the Society of Healthcare Risk Management – New Jersey Chapter

May 18, 2012 – East Windsor, New Jersey - Joel Fishbein, Fred Hughes, Karen Tucci and Marc Penchansky of McCumber Daniels presented a Mock Trial to the Society for Healthcare Risk Management-New Jersey (SHCRMNJ) on Friday, May 18, 2012. 

The presentation, “Scenes from an Irish Courtroom”, was led by Fred Hughes and consisted of vignettes from different fact patterns highlighting hot button liability issues currently facing hospitals and long term care facilities.  The presenters also frequently stepped out of the fact pattern to interact with the audience so that attendees could get an inside understanding of the thoughts and strategies of trial counsel on both sides of the case relative to issues such as electronic medical records.  “We devised the program to make it educational and yet entertaining at the same time, and we had a great group of audience members who were attentive and willing to participate,” said Fred Hughes.  Attendees took notice, with one calling it a “wonderful, informative, engaging and entertaining program,” while another was “impressed with the preparation, attention to detail, clever use of names, music and examples.”  Numerous attendees reported that they found the information regarding the potential pitfalls of electronic medical records very useful.   

About the Society of Health Care Risk Management of New Jersey, www.shcrmnj.org
The purpose of the Society for Health Care Risk Management of New Jersey is to advance the professional practice and development of healthcare risk management throughout the state by offering educational programs that highlight current issues and trends in legislation, case law and the changing healthcare system, Provide an open forum for the interchange of ideas, problem solving, and sharing innovative procedures and new risk management techniques, Develop professional relationships among our members, Supporting the risk management professional’s commitment to safety and quality care through risk reduction.

For more information on this presentation, or to learn more about our speaking engagements, please contact Fred Hughes at fhughes@mccumberdaniels.com

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